Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, November 14th


  • Cardano Vs. EOS: Cardano is the Obvious Superior Following Shelley Testnet 
  • Weiss Declares Cardano the Superior Project Although EOS Was in the Market before the Later


If we can take our minds back to 2017 when several new, exciting cryptocurrency projects were sprouting into the sector, a shill could make the difference between digital currency offerings. Many speculators and crypto commentators called it market manipulation. Maybe they were not wrong because projects injected an artificial pump to ensure that prices are inflated and this situation never plays outright because the prices come down eventually. In the present era, the situation is different. There must more substance behind any bold claims in the ecosystem. Now, Weiss Crypto Ratings, took to twitter to pump the price of Cardano toady. This led to a heated reaction from the community. There was no explanation regarding the shill in the tweet posted by Weiss ratings apart from the promise of providing more details.

Weiss Declares Cardano the Superior Project Although EOS Was in the Market before the Later

Per the tweet about which project is superior, Weiss Ratings declares:

“Cardano is a superior project. Although EOS was in the market first, it’s becoming clear that of both projects, Cardano is superior. More details to come in subsequent tweets.” 

Naturally, the argument that was caused by the tweet between supporters of both projects heated up. Some of the responses discredited Weiss for posting the shill without any proof. Of course, when it comes to technology Cardano is a third-generation smart contract and dApp platform. The first layer is for settlement. It is responsible for handling crypto transactions with the ADA. The second layer handles smart contract computing with a proprietary modular PoS consensus algorithm called Ouroboros. It is still early days for Cardano. The network has failed to get the dApp usage that EOS, Ethereum or Tron have received. The reason for the endorsement by Weiss became clear in another tweet that mentioned the Shelly testnet snapshot as its reason for the initial tweet.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


As posted on the official portal, the Shelly protocol is a test environment that lets users and developers experiment with stake pools. It is designed to help them build a collection of pools on the Cardano network. Note that Cardano isn’t the only platform that offers staking rewards. Coinbase allows seamless Tezos staking by giving users rewards for any XTZ stored on their exchange. Ethereum is planning to switch to a PoS model. As of when this content was published, there was no change in the price action of ADA. The digital asset’s price is still flat as it continues to slide further downwards.

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