XRP News Today: Top Headline for Ripple XRP, November 18th

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For XRP news, recent reports have it that the asset is expanding its influence as one of the relevant cryptos in today’s market. The digital asset has a total market capitalization of $12 billion. It is listed as the third-largest token. XRP can be used for more than mere speculative trading. The coin offers practical value with many financial firms’ houses using XRP to conduct their international remittances. No wonder several subreddits have come to the limelight with a focus on everything related to Ripple’s XRP. Let’s know more about these subreddits. 

XRP on Reddit, Subreddits Explained 

As we all know Reddit serves as a social media news discussion platform that has grown to become arguably one of the useful places for digital currency proponents. Crypto followers share information among themselves on Reddit and experienced miners and traders share XRP news and market action with each other. Subreddits, on the other hand, are individual forums that are solely devoted to any particular topic and this case its everything XRP. Subreddit names start with lowercase “r” and a slash, before the subreddits’ name. Subreddits’ have moderators as well as rules relating to posts.

The popular XRP subreddits to follow include:

Follow r/Ripple

This is the most popular XRP subreddit that boasts impressive 207,000 members. Members on this platform can discuss anything related to Ripple and XRP. The rules here denote that posts, articles, and videos shared on the site are related to XRP, Ripple, or projects related to Ripple or XRP. Any crypto discussion and comparison must occur in r/XRP and r/cryptocurrency. r/Ripple contains many useful links, particularly the YouTube video that explains everything about Ripple like a beginner’s guide. There are links to Ripple’s official website, crypto exchanges, charts and wallets.

Follow r/XRP

r/Ripple has 38,690 members. It is dedicated to Ripple and XRP issues, with more focus on price. XRP cannot be traded here, although some technical analysis-related posts are allowed if they are of pristine quality.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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r/XRP has a list of ten rules. These include treating everyone with respect and dignity. Do not post fake news about XRP. There is a link to a Discord channel that is dedicated to r/XRP. The goal here is to make sure it is a more relaxed platform. 

Follow r/RippleTalk

r/RippleTalk has 8,600 members. It is called the home of most recent free Ripple news, discussions, and more. Most of the posts here are about external news websites or Twitter feeds, that talk about banks and corporations that adopt Ripple, and XRP price movements, as well as price predictions. r/RippleTalk is helpful for people with technical problems that they can’t solve so they seek support from the Ripple community.


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