Ethereum Classic News Today – Headlines for November 18

  • Ethereum Classic activates Morden and Mordor
  • Ethereum Classic is one testnet away from the launch of the mainnet
  • Bob Summerwill expresses his concerns toward ProgPOW

Ethereum Classic News Today – The Ethereum Classic community has been gearing up for the Agharta hard fork. The hard fork is scheduled to take place on the 15th of January next year. While the community has been preparing for the launch of the Mainnet, the testnets have been rolling out on the network. On November 14, Ethereum Classic Cooperative announced that they have activated the latest testnet – Morden – on the network.

ETC Cooperative Activates Mordor Ahead of Time

Recently, Bob Summerwill – the executive director of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative – said that the latest testnet, which was scheduled for Nov. 20, was already activated. The executive director recently published a tweet to update the ETC community on the latest development in the network. His tweet states:

“The Mordor testnet has successfully forked to ETC Agharta! Classic Geth, Parity-Ethereum and MultiGeth were all confirmed in-sync by @a4fri this morning. @edwardjmackjr should be adding Mordor configs for @Hyperledger Besu very soon. We have Atlantis. Agharta Besu next up :-)”

Ethereum Classic Is One Testnet Away from the Launch of the Mainnet

The ETC Cooperative has successfully activated the Morden and Mordor testnets. This means that the community is just one testnet away from the launch of the mainnet. Kotti – which is the next testnet – would be activated on December 11. The Agharta hard fork is believed to be part two of the Atlantis hard fork, which was executed recently.

According to the ETC Cooperative, the forthcoming hard fork would focus on compatibility with the Ethereum network. Some vital features from Ethereum’s Constantinople protocol would be part of the new hard fork. In addition, the dev team of the project is yet to talk about the ECIP-1056 Agharta Finalization that includes discussing upgrade timeline, evaluating network testing, agreeing on mainnet block number, and moving ECIP to “Accepted.”

While the community is waiting for the ECIP-1056, the mining algorithm upgrade core dev call is scheduled for Nov. 21. The dev call would see discussions regarding the options for mining algorithms including ProgPOW and SHA-3. Summerwill responded to this via a tweet, saying:

“I support @antsankov‘s proposal to switch ETC from Ethash to Keccak256 because having majority hash is the safest and easiest path to POW security.

Keccak256 computed SHA-3 and the executive director has been outspoken regarding his concerns towards ProgPOW. In a blog post, he said:

“I have to view ProgPOW as a serious risk to any project which adopts it, and would urge the Ethereum community to strongly reconsider whether it is wise to proceed unless significantly stronger guarantees can be given around the IP.”

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