Cardano News Today: Top Headline for Cardano ADA, November 18th

  • Cardano Price is Expected to Flourish Today According to Latest ADA Price Analysis

Cardano news today shows that the price of the asset is registering an improvement from the price position it held in the last few days. The digital asset has endured a tough period along with other tokens. Now, from the Cardano news researching us today, the ADA coin has improved from its $0.0416 price pool on November 01, 2019. According to data given by trading platform CoinMarketCap, the price of Cardano is $0.0448 today at press time. The growth in the price of ADA comes at a time when heavy market volatility has been the other of the day. It appears that the volatility has given hope to ADA traders. 

Cardano is Renowned for its Yielding Capacity

Cardano’s intraday price movement was impressive as the coin’s price appears to be moving towards the next resistance area. As of November 17, the price of ADA was seen trading at $0.046423. It eventually went down to $0.043670 at one point. Cardano also had a trading volume of $74,834,540. Additionally, yesterday, the price of the ADA coin started trading at $0.043910. Eventually, the price also slipped back to $0.04308 dropping about 1.83%. The price later improved towards the end of the day and touched the $0.04577 price area which was a 6.24% hike in price. In the later hours of November 17, the digital currency experienced a price pullback. Cardano price later shifted to the $0.04487 area by 1.97%. The coin’s intraday movement reportedly reflected an overall upward movement of 2.19%. Today, the price of Cardano started to trade at the $0.04487 area. Eventually, the price of the digital asset shifted to $0.044380 which is a difference of 1.09%. The ADA price is currently on a recovery phase after it moved to the $0.0448 area.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Of course, Cardano is well known for its ability to maintain consistency or its result-yielding ability. The price of Cardano is currently set at $0.044870 which is a good sign. The movement in the coin’s price is tilted to get to the immediate resistance position at $0.0466. Note that it would be surprising if the coin manages to breach the next resistance point at $0.0479. The digital currency would then improve by going further higher in the coming days. For Cardano price prediction all traders interested are recommended to go for long-term investments. The reason is that it would give them colossal returns in the near future.

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