Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, November 19th

  • EMURGO’s Milestones Revealed: How Well has Cardano’s Commercial Arm Done? 


EMURGO is the commercial arm of the Cardano Blockchain. It was founded in 2017 in Japan. The platform has expanded to countries like Singapore, India, Indonesia, and New York. EMURGO must closely work with the Cardano Foundation and IOHK to grow the Cardano ecosystem on a global scale and promote the network’s adoption. The CEO of EMURGO is Ken Kodama. 

EMURGO Reports Its Milestones Crossed So Far

Through EMURGO’s four different business units, the firm has developed in-house focused products for the good of the Cardano community globally. One of the products in question include the Yoroi Wallet. The Yoroi Wallet is an open-source codebase library that allows third-party developers and enterprises to make their secure light wallets. It allows developers to explore Cardano on mobile devices and Internet browsers.

EMURGO also announced an investment into Y2X. The collaboration is meant to offer a forum for entrepreneurs to gather capital for expansion from Securities Token Offerings (STOs) or other means. EMURGO also launched dLab/EMURGO in collaboration with SOSV. The goal is to accelerate quality Blockchain projects that have real use cases concerning Cardano. There is also evidence that EMURGO recognizes how important Blockchain developer education is. Thus, it went on to launch an education business unit in India via the establishment of an extension of EMURGO in India earlier in the year. The goal is to offer a range of tailored Blockchain education courses for college students and career professionals, as well as enterprises.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Another EMURGO unit in Indonesia focuses on providing Blockchain education workshops as well as Blockchain courses in collaboration with local universities. There is a growing debate on Blockchain technology utilities in India and Southeast Asia. The goal is to offer societal and economic benefits to local industries.

In a bid to add value to ADA holders, EMURGO forged partnerships to make onramps for high ADA liquidity plus use cases. Last year, Cardano’s commercial arm partnered with South Korea’s Metaps Plus. The goal is to offer a Cardano Crypto Card that will be accepted by 30,000 offline retail merchants in the Asian country. The collaboration also launched ADA payments for retail merchants in Okinawa, Japan. In the last two years, EMURGO has built up a solid social media base with a vast number of social media followers in all of its channels. It has also amassed more than 100,000 views on its Monthly Cardano Progress Report videos. EMURGO has also amassed 130 comprehensive blog contents available for free on the GitHub library.

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