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  • What Is In Store For Cardano In The Year 2020?
  • Cardano Will be a Beast Come 2020 Says Charles Hoskinson


With less than two months for the year to come to an end, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has declared what he believes will be the fate of Cardano’s native token ADA in the coming year. Hoskinson believes that the ADA project is going to be a huge hit in the year 2020. He believes that the updates and partnerships the company has made this year will help in shaping the future of the coin positively.

Hoskinson made his prediction on the ADA coin shortly after the market took a major setback and has been facing a steady price decline in the past few days. Notwithstanding this, Hoskinson believes that the advanced protocols will function to place the ADA coin as one of the strongest digital assets in the crypto-sphere.

Cardano Will be a Beast Come 2020 Says Charles Hoskinson

In a recent tweet by the founder of Cardano Foundation, Charles Hoskinson, he acknowledges the release of several updates on Cardano ADA with the prominent one being the advanced protocols that he believes will work positively to place ADA as a strong digital asset in the industry in the year 2020. In Hoskinson’s word, “Cardano will be a beast come 2020.” His tweet went thus: “What’s truly exciting about the recent releases is how fast we can move. Our scientists have done a remarkable job designing great protocols and our engineers can bring them to the market. Cardano in 2020 will be a beast.”

Following Hoskinson’s tweet, most of its member community are optimistic about this development and the replies so far have been indicating that the ADA community is prepared to embrace the new waves about to hit the coin in 2020. A particular reply stated that Cardano has raised the standard for blockchain projects and is prepared to make massive waves in the market in the coming year.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD



The year 2019 brought different partnership deals and updates for the Cardano foundation. Recently the company celebrated its second ADA listing anniversary, so far the Cardano has blossomed from being an idea into a developed open-source product on the edge of its second phase of development with the news of its incentivized Testnet known as Shelley and full decentralization. It is believed that once Shelley is launched, there will be mass adoption of Cardano’s ADA and continued development of the Cardano roadmap.

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