Nelson Mandela’s Golden Hands Sold For $10 Million in Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency firm that is currently launching ICO coin offering has agreed to buy four gold castings of Nelson Mandela’s hands from a Canadian businessman.

Four golden casts of Nelson Mandela’s hands are set to sell for $10m in Bitcoin. The company has promised to host a world tour for the fine art pieces to educate more individuals about Madiba’s legacies.

Malcolm Duncan, a Canadian businessman originally from South Africa has sold the four golden arms of the legendary Nelson Mandela. The golden hands where purchased by Arbitrade, an aspiring exchange that paid a total of $10m in Bitcoin for the art. Arbitrade is making plans to host a ICO coin offering, create a gold-backed token, and, start mining operations.

Worth More Than Gold

Mandela was the first black man to be a president in South Africa after fighting for freedom during the mandatory racial apartheid. In 1962, he was charged with treason and was made to serve almost three decades in prison. In 1990, he was released by President F.W. de Klerk. He died at the age of 95 in 2013.

The businessman, Mr Duncan, said it took him up to a decade to unload the golden hands which he reportedly bought for $31,000. The two sets are made of 99.999% gold and they weigh about 20 pounds. In 2002, Mr Mandela sat for the casting of 27 sets of the golden hands. Each piece represented each year he spent in prison. Each casting set is made up of a fist and a palm.

Arbitrade believes that a world tour of the art will help to educate more people about the life of Nelson Mandela while they promote the power of cryptocurrency.

The chairman of the company, Len Schutzman said that the purchase and publicity associated with it were important. He said this is the first time that the art pieces are being displayed to the public since after authentication. The collection does not just celebrate Mandela’s contributions to humanity but was also done to support gold mining in South Africa.


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