Training For Cryptocurrency Mining Coming to 30 Indian Cities

india cryptocurrency mining

A Bitcoin mining program is to be hosted in 30 cities in India by the chamber of commerce in India.

The chamber of commerce in India is making plans to host a Bitcoin training program aimed at educating people on blockchain technology, Bitcoin, crypto mining, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency as a whole.

The Mining Training Program

The Dalit Indian Chamber of Industry and Commerce is entering into a partnership with Dr. Tausif Malik, a social entrepreneur and a treasurer in Democrats Abroad India. Both parties plan to organize a Bitcoin mining training program in about thirty cities in India.

DICCI was established in 2005. It is an association that aims at promoting business enterprises for Dalits. Dalits are one of India’s minority caste, who form a significantly large minority in numerous states in the country.

Malik established Mahabfic for the promotion of investments related to the blockchain, initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency, and FinTech.

The content of the association’s website is as follows:

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“We aim to promote this technology; we aim to make the State of Maharashtra the ideal place for the technology investment and promotion.”

At the announcement, DICCI founder and chairman Milind Kamble said:

“Mahabfic and DICCI will create the largest and first Bitcoin Mining Training Program in the world. The plan is to empower the population, especially the rural population, to earn money from their homes and villages. This would subsequently create economic development in these areas.

He went on to state:

“The blockchain technology is the future of technology, and it is bringing the world to a different era by storm. Cryptocurrency mining is important for every platform to operate on the blockchain. We felt it is important for us to educate the public, especially the youths, on this technology through this training program. It will be done on a nationwide scale to empower as many people as possible.

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