Bitcoin Dip Continues: Speculations of Bitcoin Bubble Alive Again

bitcoin bubble

Falling back under $8,000, Bitcoin has dropped again risking its status as the best trading platform for cryptocurrency used worldwide, The Street reports. As of 27 March 2018, Bitcoin’s price closed with a USD to Bitcoin exchange rate by as low as $7,750, a far cry from its high flying market value of $19,850.

Rumors of a Bitcoin bubble were already present in the market as early as December 2017 when the market value dipped to $12,000 only days after hitting the nineteen-thousand-dollar mark. With financial experts blunt enough to express discouraging advice to keep any investors away from pouring their hard-earned money into this crypto trading platform.

Like in December 2017, the same up-down dynamic occurred in January 2018 – surging at the early weeks only to dip in the middle of the month. The same crypto trading platform almost stabilized before the month wrapped off only to plunge again come February 2018. This made it hard for Bitcoin to stabilize as it entered March 2018. So in a matter of 4 months, it was basically a roller coaster for the top cryptocurrency platform to get itself to stable mode, at least in the eyes of its investors and stakeholders alike within the biggest Bitcoin trading software circles today.

The increase of alt-coins feasible to accepting Bitcoin exchange served as the best fulcrum for Bitcoin to use in boosting its market value. Being the best trading platform for cryptocurrency has its pain points worth addressing too mainly by how the Satoshi Nakamoto lawsuit is faring alongside attempts by some state entities like the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to conduct “intervention measures”.

As a perceived financial instrument, cryptocurrencies got included in its list of contracts for differences whose leverage limits needed to be paid attention to “according to the volatility”. The recommended ratio in capping the leverage limit is 2:1 to keep an eye on the investors’ ability to pay a minimum of 50% of the total value noted in said contracts. This served as a way for ESMA to keep their word as far as their reach over the perceived best trading platform for cryptocurrency is concerned.


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