Cisco Building Confidential Communications through Blockchain according to Patent Filing

Cisco is presently considering Blockchain technology to make group messaging more confidential and secure.

The Patent and Trademark Office of the US released the patent application on Thursday. In it, the firm described how the Blockchain could help people form groups impulsively and share information and files while continuing to keep track of membership.

Cisco said that the innovation would solve the common issues faced by most ad-hoc messaging teams. They said:

“How group membership is communicated, established, updated, and secured from unsanctioned meddling … in the context of decentralized, dynamic, and self-organizing groups.”

How it works

This document was filed in December last year, and it proposes using just cryptographic keys that are shared among the group participants to create a secured peer-to-peer network. This simply means developing a decentralized group chat that only includes members authorized to join.

The device of the first participant would create a genesis block, and following communications would create their own block when each member is added on.

The first block defines the first group of members in a potential version of the system.

In that version, Blockchain will be used in recording the group members. The following block would mainly record new members who are added as well as old members who are removed.

The other versions of the system may help enable secure instant messaging or file sharing according to the document.

“In summary, presented here is a technique for attaining authorization in a confidential group communication in terms of the list of data blocks which represent a tamper-resistant account of updates of the group membership… There are several applications of the techniques. One of such applications is using end-to-end encryption for content sharing, instant messaging, and streamed media. It is useful in building a protocol or app designed to enhance confidential group communications.”

Previously, the firm made a patent application to the USPTO that shows that this tech giant has been considering other use cases for the Blockchain technology as reported by bitcoin trading news outlets.

In the filing, which was published last October in many bitcoin trading news outlets, the firm outlined how they can use a Blockchain network in tracking Internet of Things devices.


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