OneLedger ICO Review

oneledger ico review

The ICO coin offering and OLT Token of OneLedger are offering a way to simplify the integration of the Blockchain technology. It plans to use a blend of integration APIs, business modularization tools, and interoperable architecture to ease the process of onboarding the Blockchain technology for businesses.

It presents the protocol as an easy path to using distributed ledger technologies for inventory management/supply chain management, digitization of assets and accounting.

ICO value proposition

OneLedger offers a 3-layer consensus protocol built to provide seamless integration of various Blockchain applications to be used by enterprises. It enables the user to use the OneLedger business portal to create business applications. This uses the API gateway to communicate with the protocol. The business portal allows users with little or no blockchain experience to create their business module on the Blockchain. They can generate a chaincode using the modules built by the developers and also label the entire process with its design.

OneLedger ICO Team

The CEO and founder of OneLedger is David Cao. He works with brilliant minds such as Alex Todd who serves as the CTA of OneLedger. Stephen Li is the lead engineer, and the advisory team is led by Trevor Koverko, the CEO of Polymath.

ICO Fortes and Opportunities               

This product concept is quite business friendly. It plans to develop a business portal or service-side interface for all blockchain users with different levels of experience to create workflows and map their business modules on the blockchain.

ICO Threats and Weaknesses

The focal point of the blockchain infrastructure project is interoperability. The problem here is that the there are so many protocols that offer identical promises in terms of interoperability and scalability. The competition is high.

The Verdict on the ICO

The OneLedger ICO has very little product development and is a highly speculative project. However, the concept, as well as the team of experts, deserve attention.

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