Decentralized Exchanges Will Simplify the Ecosystem For End Users

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are new and growing exponentially. For a technology, still trying to gain entry into the mainstream, achieving an easy communication system and entry will largely help towards its establishment. Existing storage systems for cryptocurrencies along with the setup of the available cryptocurrency exchange activities makes it slightly cumbersome to operate in the ecosystem.

Taking Out Complexities in Cryptocurrency

These limitations aren’t going unnoticed in the industry as various companies are offering alternative techniques that can solve these problems depending on user peculiarities. According to the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, Jeremy Epstein, one of the crucial and necessary developments that will slash the complexities of digital asset management may revolve around the creation of multisig wallets.

A New Industry Initiative

The ease of use of the above-mentioned class of exchanges isn’t popular yet same thing applies to their speed. But the momentum generated is growing in significance. Growing platforms like Alttex are making decentralized, multi-currency trading forums. The fact that it is a decentralized platform makes it a more secure system. It prevents cryptocurrency exchange from DDoS-attacks and hackers. The platform will allow users securely buy cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card, and withdraw money with minimum charges. They will need two selfies for identity verification using a specialized AltScanner.

It All Boils Down To The End User

When handling usability and practical implementation of cryptocurrencies, the primary subject is typically the end user. All will be well if the end user is fully satisfied. According to Tanshul Kumar, Lead Developer and Co-Founder at MoxyOne, there are a few roadblocks when it comes to simplification of processes and end-user design. He says that this is the key reason why his organization will carry on working on developing a wallet system to make the end user satisfied. This will be done by means of thorough research into the existing wallets using modern UX design concepts.


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