Top Six Automated Bitcoin Trading Software

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Automated Bitcoin trading software is common in the cryptocurrency world. Few traders have the time and energy to stare at charts during trading all the time. Again, most people only trade Bitcoin to generate passive income, so you will not expect that they will spend all their time trading. While using an automated Bitcoin trading software is good, not every product on the market is reliable.

Below are the top six automated Bitcoin trading software you should consider:

1. Haasbot

This one of the most popular crypto trading software. It can do all the legwork of trading for you just after you input some things. The software supports major exchanges and can recognize candlestick patterns.

2. BTCRobot

This one of the oldest automated Bitcoin trading software to be created. It is easy to set up, and it does the job well. It comes with a 60-day refund policy. 


This isn’t exactly an automated Bitcoin trading software. However, it allows users to create automated strategies for trading. It supports the major exchanges and has a live trading feature available.

4. Gekko

This is an open source software on the GitHub platform. It is straightforward, and it was developed with some basic strategies. It supports a fair number of exchanges and may be worth checking out.

5. CryptoTrader

This isn’t a common software, but it is good at the job. It operates on cloud platforms. The software has a marketplace for strategies where you can trade strategies. What this means is that you can buy and sell strategies for trading on the platform.

6. Zenbot

Zenbot is also an open source solution. It is available for download and can be modified by the user freely. It carries out high-frequency trading and supports multiple assets which are more than you can say for many other bots.

These are the top six automated Bitcoin trading software on the market.


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