What You Should Know About Gemini Exchange

gemini crypto exchange review

Every business owner has a backstory, and the founders of this exchange are no exception. Gemini is among the top twenty best cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. There are reasons why the cryptocurrency exchange has gained so much popularity within a brief period.

What Is Gemini?

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in October 2015. It is owned by the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who are known for suing Mark Zuckerberg for the creation of Facebook. The twins claimed that Facebook was originally their idea and was able to get $65 million in court for damages. They invested $11 million in Bitcoin, and this investment has made them two of the largest Bitcoin holders today.

How It Works

Gemini acts as the bridge between the cryptocurrency economy and the more traditional financial markets. It offers high-class services to customers that most exchanges can’t boast of. The website has a user-friendly interface and is efficient for users. It displays important data on prices, balances, orders, and other important things which help the user conduct transactions effectively.

Getting Started

Like with many other exchanges, you’ll need to register by filling your details on the website. You’ll need to input your name, email address and create a password. You’ll also have to enter your location and contact number. It is best to setup 2-factor authentication for more security. You’ll also need to add your bank account and upload a valid ID. When you’re done with the registration, you can make a deposit and start trading.

The Verdict?

Gemini is a trusted platform that complies with the regulations of the digital assets industry. It operates on a high level of professionalism and security. It offers customer protection and support to all users. It also provides a low transfer fee policy and allows free deposits of cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking for a secure cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade Ethereum and Bitcoin effectively, you can count on Gemini.


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