Instant Trading on ShapeShift Cryptocurrency Exchange

shapeshift crypto exchange review

Most traders like to use private cryptocurrency exchanges that support leading tokens like Monero, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. This is why ShapeShift has built a reputation as one of the best private cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.

What Is ShapeShift?

ShapeShift is one of the fastest growing digital currency brokers in the world. It was founded in 2013 and has received funding multiple times from major investors such as Bitnex. It is globally available and offers multiple blockchain tokens to users. It also has a mobile and web platform.

How the Cryptocurrency Exchange, ShapeShift Works

Often described as an instant cryptocurrency exchange, ShapeShift provides users with world-leading cryptocurrencies without registration requirements. It’s one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that allows users to trade cryptocurrency without opening an account. It has a KeepKey that secures accounts.

Getting Started

Unlike with many other cryptocurrency exchanges, ShapeShift doesn’t require user registration. You don’t need to use your details to register or verify your account. Trading can be processed within a few hours, and the company doesn’t charge any fees for its services. It gets its revenue from exchange rates. The exchange sets a deposit limit for each transaction. If you exceed the limit, the transaction will not go through. However, no one knows how it lets these limits, and it can only be determined during a transaction.

The Verdict?

ShapeShift is one of the most secure and private cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. It is safe to use. Thanks to its KeepKey hardware, you’ll be able to store your tokens offline. It also offers a comprehensive FAQ section for users and email support for issues that can’t be solved by reading the FAQ. The downside to this exchange is that users are not allowed to perform fiat-to-cryptocurrency. Other than that, there is no record of reports about security issues making it safe for traders.


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