Sentinel Protocol ICO Review: Sentinel Protocol performs threat analysis with a collective intelligence system

sentinel ico review

This Sentinel Protocol ICO aims to develop a secure environment for cryptocurrency by performing threat analysis with a collective intelligence system.

Presently, phishing is the most popular hacking technique affecting the cryptocurrency industry. Sentinel Protocol may help reduce phishing scams.

It has 3 distinct security features which include machine learning engine integrated security wallet, threat reputation database and distributed malware analysis sandbox.

Sentinel Protocol ICO Review: Tokens and token value appreciation

Sentinel Protocol uses UPP tokens as currency for services and goods, and it includes an advanced security feature of the security wallet. The project can be used for consultancy, detail cyber forensic service, vulnerability assessment and others.

The initial inflation ratio of the tokens will be set at 3% to 7% every year. This percentage will decrease yearly. The UPP reward tokens will also reduce.

Sentinel Protocol ICO Review: ICO team

The main team members of Sentinel Protocol include:

  • Patrick Kim, the CEO, and
  • HM Park, Head of operations and Co-founder.
  • John Kirch, Chief Evangelist
  • The protocol advisors include John Ng, Simon Kim, and JH Kim

Sentinel Protocol ICO Review: Opportunities and concerns

As cryptocurrencies grow, security risks grow as well. There are several scam attempts on social networks. If the project succeeds, its potential may be huge.

Sentinel Protocol focuses on tracking wallets and transactions of hackers. So far, no other project is competing with this one, so it has an advantage.

The project will work with exchanges to prevent the conversion of stolen coins to fiat currency.

However, the project relies heavily on network to develop a database of threats. Its usefulness is somewhat limited when people do not report scam transactions and scam addresses.

Since the project requires real-time and manual verification of scam transactions or addresses, it may be labor intensive.

Sentinel Protocol ICO Review: Conclusion

This project is a crypto equivalent of anti-virus for personal computers. It may deter hacking because the hacker would not easily move funds around.

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