Signals ICO Review: Signals makes machine intelligence more accessible

signals ico review

This ICO coin offering makes machine intelligence more accessible in the cryptocurrency industry with this platform. It enables users to assemble cryptocurrency trade strategies driven by machine learning without having programming skills. This platform can be used to develop a strategy for finding successful strategies and copy-trading.

Signals exploits machine intelligence and helps users make smarter and faster business decisions. The main objective of this project is to offer a variety of trading algorithms to traders from traditional analysis to advanced machine learning methods. This will ease trading for all traders

Users may not need computer programming skills to use the platform in creating algorithms. It allows users to build algorithm-based strategies for trading using the visual builder in the platform. All the user needs to do is select from various indicators, from technical analysis to sentiment analysis or thorough learning.

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The project aims at removing the need for traders to rely heavily on gut feeling. It may remove cognitive bias, lack of liquidity, oversight, lack of emotional fortitude as well.

Signals ICO Review: Signals team

Signals has lots of experienced people on the team, and some include:

  • Pavel Nemec, Co-Founder, and
  • Pavel Volek, Co-Founder, and CTO
  • Jan Budík, an Algorithmic Trading Expert

Signals ICO Review: Token

The Signals token was built on Ethereum just like SkyChain, Celsiuconclus, Lendo, BunnyToken, and ABYSS. It is an ERC20 token that can be stored and transferred with a generic Ethereum wallet. It is used to access paid features on the platform.

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Signals ICO Review: Conclusion

In the crypto space, there are several platforms that offer simple services that do not require a professional to get things done. Signals offers this service as users do not need to be tech-savvy. It may also offer some unique features that could change the way things are done in the crypto space. Be sure to study the ICO before making a decision to invest.


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