Joinwell ICO Review: Blockchain-powered decentralized platform that removes country borders for patients

joinwell ico review

Well promises to become one of the world’s decentralized global ICO for quality healthcare. It is a Blockchain-powered decentralized platform that removes country borders so that patients can be connected with healthcare specialists anywhere in the world. Well’s tokens is an attempt by the company to solve the biggest healthcare issues, like quick cross-border payments, payment risk, and data accessibility.

Joinwell ICO Review: How It Works

If you require access to healthcare, you will need Well tokens. Healthcare service providers on the other hand (including specialist and doctors) also need to have tokens if they intend to communicate with patients globally. Whether you are a doctor or patient, you need Well tokens to reach each other. Different from other decentralized forums, like PocketInns, Vimarket, CrowdGenie, and PerksCoin, Well operates as a decentralized worldwide healthcare network.

It is built to replace and disrupt the traditional healthcare models available by giving patients and doctors hassle-free access anywhere in the world. It gives them access to remote diagnoses, prepares for in-person treatment and gets second opinions, from a group of medical professionals worldwide.

The Well ecosystem constitutes of doctors, specialists, and patients, as well as key members in the healthcare sector like charities, borrowers, employers, lenders, validators, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, loan companies, insurance companies, research institutions, and translators. The platform can be accessed via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Joinwell ICO Review: Conclusion

Well is one of the premium ICO coin offerings in the healthcare world. The project intends to eliminate boundary barriers thus reducing the long distance between patients and doctors by providing a platform where they can interact. Based on Blockchain tech, Well may link far-flung patients with health specialists around the world. Well appears to be a unique concept. If implemented based on its design, it may create a legacy in the healthcare industry and cryptocurrency world (ultimately letting investors know how to navigate ICO investments).

Princess Ogono is a writer, lawyer and fitness enthusiast. She believes cryptocurrencies are the future. When she's not writing, she spends time with her adorable cat, Ginger and works out often.


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