Cedex Review – Certified Diamond Exchange Based on Blockchain

cedex crypto exchange review

“Cedex is the first blockchain-based diamond exchange worldwide.”

It has attracted a lot of attention in recent times which leads to the question: what exactly is Cedex and what does it have to offer?

What is Cedex?
Cedex is a certified diamond exchange based on the blockchain technology that transforms diamonds into a new asset class. Ronen Priewer and Saar Levi founded it. In January 2018, there was a token presale. All the transactions on the platform were completed in the Cedex tokens.

How the Certified Diamond Exchange Works
Cedex intends to bridge the gap between the new financial markets and the traditional diamond industry. The company’s goal, as stated on the website is to help people invest in diamonds as well as liquidate them securely and transparently just like other financial assets.

Getting Started
Anyone interested in investing in this certified diamond exchange can visit the website cedex.com to make a purchase. You can invest in a single diamond, a basket of diamonds, or buy shares of the high-value stone. Buyers, investors, and sellers can be confident in the absolute transparency of the platform because as it is built on the blockchain technology. The website uses smart algorithms to give accurate ratings for the asking price of a diamond. This rating system is referred to as DEX. It allows anyone, even a person with no knowledge of diamond ratings to invest in diamonds freely.

The Verdict?
Being the first blockchain based certified diamond exchange, Cedex offers users a promising way to invest. The transparency of the website makes it easy for anyone to invest. However, only payments in the CEDEX coin is accepted on the platform. You’ll need to buy the Cedex coins first before you can perform any other transaction on the exchange. This isn’t really a problem since you can buy the coins directly from the website.


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