Ice Rock Mining ICO Review: Ice Rock Mining aims to transform bitcoin mining in the world

ice rock mining ico review

This ICO aims to transform bitcoin mining in the world. The project’s main offer is its mining farm. It is situated in a former USSR bunker. The company uses this mountain storehouse for crypto mining because of its unique parameters. It is a cold area with a constant temperature of 12 degrees. This makes it an ideal place for ASIC, GPU cooling, and development of heavy fabrication.

This project plans to offer investors an efficient way to earn profits and be co-owners of the project. This way, investors may have an opportunity of eliminating the work of mining. Investors get a permanent income monthly as well.

Benefits of Ice Rock Mining

  • No cost for cooling

The Ice Rock mining facility provides an efficient process of mining, unlike its competitors. The facility is set in a mountainous region with cold temperature. It is ideal for mining and investors do not need to pay the costs for cooling the GPU mining computer. This will save investors money.

  • Cost-effective electricity

The cost of power is quite cheap at 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. The company has partnered with a utility in Kazakhstan to reduce power costs. It will enhance the efficiency of the platform and supply more profits to investors.

  • No rent

Investors do not need to pay rent or other power-related expenses. This is because the property is already stocked with those facilities. This helps reduce costs and increase revenue for the investors.

Long run profits 

Companies can also compound their returns and reinvest it into more ASIC miners. Investors will own new mines and can receive returns on them for a long time.

Ice Rock Mining ICO Team

Malik Murzashev, CEO.

Mikhail Pluzhnikov, Technical Director.

Ice Rock Mining ICO Review: Conclusion

The Ice Rock Mining project offers investors a chance to buy shares of their crypto mining business. The investors will also earn an income on a monthly basis as co-owners of the project.

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