Cryptelo ICO Review

cryptelo ico review

Cryptelo is developed by a Czech company. All the developers behind the project are experts in building solutions for protecting data cryptographically. It delivers radical data protection solutions and also secures remote access.

This project was built on a preexisting product. The main development team behind the project has developed a software product known as Cryptelo Drive. Data storage may be made quicker and convenient with this product. The software stores data in a different way where only users with an access key can read it. It is also backed by a smart key administration with an end-to-end technology. With this data loss may be reduced greatly.

The project is built on the Cryptelo Drive so it will have a firm foundation. It aims to expand the existing software applications around the globe. For this reason, the private key administration of this software will be moved to the Blockchain. This may make the project more secure. When the Blockchain is introduced, the records will no longer be placed in the centralized administration. They will move to the decentralized world of the Blockchain.

How is Cryptelo used?

  1. Cloud storage encryption
  2. A complete home internet of things network
  3. EaaS for securing all email communications


Cryptelo ICO token

The ICO’s innovation team hopes that it can be implemented on a larger scale. This is why the team launched the ICO sale. Proceeds from the sale of the tokens will enable the development team to expand the infrastructure of the platform worldwide. This way, Cryptelo will be converted into a strong open source protocol-based solution.


In conclusion, this project is breaking new ground in the data encryption service industry. Also, the strength of a crypto platform lies in the development team. Cryptelo’s team has many experienced members and they may bring the project to life.

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