How to Trade on Gemini

gemini exchange guide

On Gemini, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ether with USD. It is an ideal tool for advanced traders in the industry. It is easy to use and has a clean interface making it easy for beginners as well.

If you’ve never traded on Gemini before, this is your complete guide to trading on the platform:

Step One: Create An Account
To create an account, visit On the home page, you’ll see the option to create an account. Click on Personal Account and fill in your name, email, and desired password. After that, click on create account. You should receive an email with an activation code. Paste the code into your browser and click on submit.

Step Two: Verification
There is a three-step verification process you need to complete before you can start trading.

Link Your Cell Phone Number
Linking your phone number allows you to receive codes for verification log in easily during 2-FA.

B) Deposit Bitcoin
Use your normal online banking details to link your bank account to your Gemini account. Log in with the details you used to open the account. Note that for the verification to be successful, the details in your bank account need to correlate with the details in Gemini account. This makes depositing funds easy and fast.

C) Submit Your Documents
In the last part of the verification, you’ll have to submit some documents to prove your identity. The document should have your address. It can be a copy of your bank statement.

Step Three: Making Deposits
After you have finished the sign-up and verification, you can deposit funds into your account. To deposit funds, click on the option with Transfer Funds on the menu bar. You can deposit funds either with your bank account, wire transfer, ACH deposit. However, the ACH option is only available to US residents. You can make either Bitcoin or Ether deposits in your account. All you’ll have to do is pick the options for these deposits.

At this point, you’ll be able to execute trades on your Gemini account.


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