Synexcoin ICO Review: SYC claims to provide its owners share of profits every quarter

synexcoin ico review

Synexcoin is also termed SYC and it is a crypto token-based finance investment that promises to provide a unique way of making extra cash for its users. SYC has some similarities with some other tokens of ICO such as Iryo, Cryptoflix, Bunny Token, Cloudmoolah, and many more. SYC isn’t powered by any financial product or platform, but it claims to provide its owners share of profits every quarter from a pool of investment that the company intends to fund with the fund gotten from its ICO.

How Does SYC Work?

Synexcoin said it would begin its repayment program from 01/06/2018 to 01/05/2019. Following the sale of its ICO, the company will give back 48% of the revenue in the space of twelve months. The company will release twelve payments, and one of those payments will be released on the first of every month, this might compel the token holders to hold onto the token and stabilize the value of the token. The rate of repayment has already been fixed by the company. The rate of one Synexcoin token will be equivalent to 0.00004 ETH.

What is Synexcoin Token?

SYC is Synexcoin ticker. It is a token similar to ERC20, and it is required to comply with some predefined standards. The token enables its owners to avail of and utilize the services Synexcoin offers. The company aims to achieve a target of 6,400,000 SYC tokens, as at now, the company has only achieved 39% of their target, which is 2,490,383.


Synexcoin seems to have a superficially strong idea with new business concepts. But it seems the whitepaper crafters and web developers of the company might have forgotten to review what they’ve written on these two sources of information. This might be the reason why their whitepaper and website have lots of punctuation and grammatical errors.

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