Swapy ICO Review

swapy ico review

The ICO aims to create a decentralized protocol along with a full range of integrated applications. These applications may simplify and quicken access to credit.

The integrated applications

  1. The Swapy exchange

The exchange plans to convey smart money to emerging economies. It is quite different from other exchanges because it may have the ability to bridge the gap. The gap is found between the international investors situated in nations with low-interest rates and the credit companies in areas with high-interest rates. When this gap is bridged, the exchange may offer the best returns to the investors as well as the lowest cost capital.

  1. Financial ID

The ICO has an integrated application, which may easily empower the participants in the network by providing them with specific financial identities. Its aim of this financial identity is that it can be used all over the globe. With a unique financial ID, all participants can easily remove any info asymmetry and may introduce a higher level of data integrity.

Swapy ICO Token

The native token works across the project’s network which aims to restructure the access to credit around the globe. The token is the official currency, and it allows users to create a self-sufficient financial ecosystem around the services offered. This network may be available to every token holder.

The demand of the native tokens may influence their price variation with ease. This can be either positive or negative. However, Swapy’s development team hopes that the network will succeed. The value and price of the token will increase considerably.


The network is created by an innovative firm. Also, the project may have a bright future as long as it is deployed on time. The team running the project is also comprised of experts with years of experience in the industry.



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