DenCity ICO Review

dencity ico review

This new crypto ICO offers a virtual platform for users to become all they have wanted to be. This blockchain-enabled platform allows users to define their rules and lifestyles. Also, users can offer goods and services within the ecosystem to earn DNX tokens.
DenCity is an Ethereum based token, and it is ERC 20 compliant and can be used in the virtual world and the real world as well. Also, the tokens are used to transfer assets or transact amongst the users. The ETH blockchain technology shares the power of making decisions from a few people to every single stakeholder in the ecosystem.
What DenCity new crypto ICO does
Rent to brands
The members can rent real estate to brands searching for high-traffic parcels of land to promote their products, events, and services. This may help them earn tokens. The brands can create a shared virtual experience that will engage their audience.
Content creators
Also, creators of digital content may publish and distribute their content freely on the platform. They also earn small tokens for this.
Offline communities are also allowed to gather on the platform by renting real estate as long as the owners are properly incentivized. Chat groups and centralizes multiplayer games can easily send their communities to the platform.
Meeting Spaces
Firms with global operations with a workforce in many regions in the world can also buy and rent real estate and use it for their business meetings between the staff and clients.
All users can set up their marketplace and sell on the platform to earn tokens. It can also be of different types.
ICO Team
Diego Matic, CEO, and Co-founder
Andre Broz, CTO, and Co-founder
Somon Coking, Advisor
Anshul Srivastav, Advisor
Juha Harinen, Advisor
Dean Barozzi, Advisor
Rafael Stoppa, Advisor

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