Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes Part III: If You Make These Mistakes, You’ll Not Make a Profit

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Part one talked about mistakes that most beginners make. Parts two was about mistakes that long-time traders make. Part three is going to be about the cryptocurrency trading mistakes that anyone can make irrespective of their experience in trading. If you can trade without making these mistakes, it’s almost certain that you’ll make a profit.

Top Three Mistakes Amateurs and Long Time Traders Make
1. Putting All Eggs in a Single Basket
It doesn’t matter what the coin is, the best players in the market can suffer drastic lose thanks to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. If you depend on just one coin, you’ll lose everything when the price crashes permanently. So, whether you want to trade or you want to hold the coin, don’t put all your funds in one coin.

2. Spending Everything in One Trade
So, maybe things look good, and you want to make the best out if it so you gather all your money and spend it on one go. This is a big mistake. It doesn’t matter how good the entry looks, never, put 100% funds in one go. About 50-60% in one go is fair. Hold on to the rest to see if the entry will be successful. If you invest all your funds and the coin drops, you’ll lose out a great deal. But if you put in half and the up uptrend sticks, you can buy more. It might reduce your profit, but it’s the best way to minimize loss.

3. Ignoring the News
The best players in the cryptoverse are always on top of the news. They know what is happening in the cryptocurrency trading world. They know when you take a risk and know when to pull back. Doing your research works hand in hand with following up with news about the cryptocurrency trading system. Follow blogs that provide the latest information about cryptocurrencies.

If you can trade without making these mistakes and the mistakes mentioned in the first and second parts, you’ll benefit a great deal from the cryptocurrency trading system.


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