ThinkCoin Airdrop: Walkthrough Guide

thinkcoin ico airdrop

ThinkCoin has announced its airdrop with a referral reward. ThinkCoin Airdrop offers you TCO tokens worth $6.50 with an optional $1 TCO token for each referral.
Before highlighting the steps to take when applying for this airdrop, what is ThinkCoin?
ThinkCoin is a TradeConnect, and it is still in the development stages. It is an ultramodern blockchain based crypto trading network that promotes trading of many asset classes and not just digital currencies. The new marketplace allows institutions and individuals to trade with one another directly. This creates a balanced playing field in which all players, both large and small trade equally. The trades are verified on the blockchain, implying that settlements may be completed within seconds instead of days. This may change trading as we know it forever. For more information on this project, visit
This project’s Pre-ICO commenced on the 3rd day of April, and its TCO was priced at a mere $0.21USD. This was for the initial week, but the second week saw an increase to $0.25USD. The ICO starts fully on 17 April, and the price will be $0.30USD per TCO.
Claiming your TCO token for the exclusive ThinkCoin Airdrop
For this exclusive Airdrop from ThinkCoin, you will need all the following items:
• Twitter Profile
• Telegram account
• ETH Address with an ERC-20 compliant wallet.
When you have all these, use the airdrop form. Follow the instructions carefully and fill in your email address, ETH address, and usernames. The process does not take long to complete.
The telegram account username must be filled correctly. One common error most people make during application is filling their twitter and telegram details correctly. To get your free crypto airdrop, you must enter the necessary information correctly.
To find your username on Twitter and Telegram, check your profile on the networks. The Text found after the “@’ symbol is the username.

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