Top ICOs for April

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Are you searching for new cryptocurrency ICOs to support? We have found the top ongoing ICOs this month, and this article will highlight some of them. There are many more and Smartereum team will present them as well. Here are Top ICOs for April:

  1. Lunes Platform

This platform provides solutions made in a decentralized way with blockchain technology for creating tokens, payment processing, and authenticity records. This way, the project can be easily installed and could make it possible for the technology to reach a wider audience in an uncomplicated way.

Lunes Platform ICO

Presently, Lunes has raised $823,191 in the Pre-ICO. The ICO will start on April 15. The projects look like it may raise the needed amount during the ICO.

  1. Photochain

This platform is a revolutionary decentralized stock photography platform. It will be on the blockchain with low fees, fair conditions and complete control of content if the contributor. On the Photochain database, every uploaded picture is linked to the photographer via a blockchain transaction. This link cannot be manipulated or removed.  Copyright issues are handled by machine learning bots. The community is also incentivized using rewards.

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The concept is fresh and ready to disrupt the current monopolized stock photo industry. The team and the board of advisors are well known as well.

Photochain ICO

Presently, Photochain sold 150 071.79 tokens. About 10 000 000 PHT were also sold during pre-sale.

  1. Fire Lotto

This project is an Ethereum based lottery. The transactions are done through a smart contract. It also works as a universal blockchain protocol. It can be offered to specific country governments as a solution to various challenges to guaranteeing a fair lottery.

FireLotto ICO

The ICO raised $3 108 306, and they sold 20 762 114 FLOT. It reached the soft cap and is still ongoing.

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Be sure to research more on these coin offerings before deciding to support them. ICOs can be risky when you do not ask enough questions or do some research on your own.


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