Bittrex Exchange Unveils New Website, Suffers Setback

Bittrex Exchange Unveils New Website, Suffers Setback cryptocurrency news today

After much fanfare, Bittrex a US-based cryptocurrency exchange reopened it platform for new users to register but only for an anti-climactic 25 minutes.

The exchange had to close its website in December due to a system upgrade to handle the increased number of new customers during the boom period in 2017. In a tweet, Bittrex disclosed that it was currently testing the beta version of its next-generation website “Bittrex Beta. The Bittrex beta version improves site updates, performance, usability and increased security to the websites API.

In a Tweet on April 10, Bittrex announced that new users can now access the platform and register, however, due to a large number of new users seeking to register, the website was overwhelmed and had to be temporarily shut down.

In another Tweet, Bittrex blamed its DDoS protection vendor Cloudflare for its sites outage. Speaking about the event, Bittrexx CEO Bill Shihara in a press statement said that We’ve spent the past four years building Bittrex on the founding principles of innovation, security and responsibility,” He further clarified thatGiven these principles, pausing new user signups during a period of immense trading volume was not a decision we took lightly, but our responsibility to provide customers with a reliable platform and outstanding customer service, made it the right thing to do.

Bittrex Exchange Unveils New Website, Suffers Setback cryptocurrency news today

Bittrex Improving Service Support

Bittrex reported that it has increased its staff base from just four in early 2017 to more than 50 members. The exchange also increased its support staff to 100 to ensure that the company attends to customer’s issues and inquiries faster.

In an effort to ensure tokens meet Bittrex’s strict coin listing criteria, the exchange delisted 82 different altcoins on March 30th. Last week, Smartereum reported that the Seattle based exchange then published new guidelines for companies to get their tokens listed on its platform. In terms of reliability, Bittrex remains one of the exchanges which provides a proper return procedure which investors can look into when it comes to listing and delisting.

Hopefully, Bittrex would resolve the problems and allow new registrations. Follow this simple guide to open a Bittrex account.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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