Choosing the Best Country for an ICO

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Today, with the advent of token sales or new cryptocurrency ICOs, there’s been an apparent interest in enterprises from different sectors who want to understand the entire process of fundraising for their cryptocurrency projects. Many startups are interested in finding how to find best country for an ICO?

Unfortunately, lots of these brands lack the basic understanding of trends that shape corporate formation and comparative regulation, accounting as well as governance in picking the proper jurisdiction for all these needs.

All these depend on the service or product you are offering. Is it an access token made for a service or product or a coin made for security offering? You must know how you can pick a facilitative jurisdiction as well as corporate formation for a project.

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These questions should be considered before picking a jurisdiction for your new cryptocurrency ICO:

  • Does the particular jurisdiction have an excellent regulator?
  • Does the area have concise crowdfunding rules?
  • Does the jurisdiction have industry advocacy groups?
  • Does the region have the right corporate formations for your ICO?
  • Does it have a good tax policy?
  • Does this jurisdiction have reasonable data privacy laws?
  • Does it have clear KYC and AML laws?
  • Does it have a well-organized infrastructure as well as access to talent?
  • Can key markets be found in this jurisdiction?


Token generating events kickstart a long and somewhat complicated process. It is crucial to know what your needs are and assess them. Know what you will be willing to let go off when you opt for a particular jurisdiction.

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There are many ideal jurisdictions today that try to attract forward-thinking entrepreneurs to their territory. These regions are really open to encouraging ICOs and ensuring their success. Do thorough research and fish out such jurisdictions as they will help your project flourish better and you will be able to deliver a good product to the community.


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