What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

bitcoin faucet

There are so many terms you will hear when you start dealing with Bitcoins. From miners, blockchain, blocks, to exchanges, etc. One of such popular terms is Bitcoin faucet. Simply put, a Bitcoin faucet is a website that rewards individuals for performing tasks. The reward is made in Bitcoins. You’ll get paid to perform an activity on the website.

What Tasks Will You Perform on a Bitcoin Faucet?

The tasks depend on the faucet you choose. However, it can range from playing a game to signing up for a newsletter. It can also be viewing ads, completing a survey, or, reading a book. Many websites offer users cash for performing tasks. However, Bitcoin faucets offer a more secure and reliable option for both parties. You’ll not need to give out personal information like your PayPal address, bank account number or any other financial information to random parties. You will enjoy the security and anonymity of Bitcoin through these faucets.

It’s Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Some Bitcoin faucets award users for engaging in one time activities like providing an email address. Some others will give you rewards for a continuous effort like taking surveys or playing a game. Keep in mind that Bitcoin faucets are just avenues to earn little additional cash not get rich quick schemes. The payouts are typically modest, and they depend on the market rate. The more you get paid, the more effort you’ll typically have to put in. The time required for engagement will contribute to how much you earn. The more time you spend, the more Bitcoins you’ll earn.

The good thing about Bitcoin faucet is that you do not need to stress yourself to earn Bitcoins. You can pick an activity you normally enjoy doing and get paid to do it. If you like taking surveys for free normally, you can join a faucet that pays users to take surveys. If you love playing games, pick a faucet that rewards users for playing games. The idea is to do something you would have originally done for free, for a reward. The reward might look small, but it will accumulate over time



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