Benefits of Blockchain in the Gig Market : Freelancing on Blockchain

blockchain technology

The innovation of technology has made it easy for people to work online. Because of the vast array of opportunities online, freelancing has become popular globally, and this popularity comes with some disadvantages. The problem with freelancing is majorly the risk of coming across scammers. Some scammers give freelancers work to do and do not pay them or freelancers who receive offers, get paid and not do the work. But all of these can be avoided using the blockchain solution to freelance jobs. Freelancing on Blockchain brings transparency and security without the need of huge third party commissions and policies.

The Blockchain Way

The blockchain based process differs from the current freelancing process as it has no central authority. Nobody has autonomy to enforce any rules on the blockchain as opposed to what is obtainable now. Furthermore, the blockchain is accessible to anyone who has a computer and internet. As time passes, it is becoming clear that the blockchain solution to freelance jobs is going to change the game in the gig market permanently. For the freelancer, the blockchain solution makes it possible to find new projects and directly connect with individuals who require products and services.

The blockchain solution helps to do the following:

It helps the freelancer and also the clients to store their records permanently on the blockchain. This makes it secure and almost impossible to breach.

It helps the freelancer to store identity and portfolio data securely. This makes it easier to trace all the previous jobs to its original author. This helps to solve the issues of copy write and other issues of identity.

It makes it possible for a task to be posted once and shared across numerous platforms.

It has a reduced transaction fee compared to traditional means.

These are some benefits of the blockchain to the gig market. It makes everything easier and more secure. It makes freelancing more credible and does not cause heartache to both freelancer and client.




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