Profitable Trader

Things You Must Learn to Become a Profitable Trader

Those who are experienced in trading knows the complexities associated with this business. Joining the trading industry might be an easy task but taking...

CommBank Tests Blockchain-Based Biodiversity Tokens Marketplace To Support Sustainable Development

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia continues to develop its blockchain technology to focus on increasing sustainable development and to allow investment opportunities for devs...

Binance Launches Crypto Lending This Month, Offers Interest-Earning Opportunities

Binance will open its very first crypto lending service this month, as well as stating their rates and denominations. It will also feature what...

Winklevoss Twins-Owned Gemini Joins Silvergate Crypto Payments Network For 24/7 Payments...

Gemini Joins Silvergate to enable 24/7 payment transfer, making crypto transactions available at anytime, all the time.

Why Cryptocurrencies Hold Value?

So, why does cryptos have value? this video will tell you the basics on why people see them as important factor in the financial...

Billionaire Investor Alan Howard Plans for $1 Billion Crypto Venture

Brevan Howard hedge fund's billionaire head Alan Howard plans to develop a platform to stabilize investments, particularly in a highly unpredictable economy.

Winklevoss-Backed Crypto Payment Option To Be Implemented By The Mall Of...

The largest mall in the US, The Mall of America, will open a shop that will feature cryptocurrencies as payment through the use of...

Chainalysis Tool To Be Utilized By Bittrex To Pinpoint Dubious Transactions

Bittrex have implemented Chainalysis to further enhance its security and pinpoint out any fraudulent activities happening on its exchange.

Germany’s Bitwala Introduces Mobile App for Bitcoin Banking

Bitwala, a German blockchain banking service, announced the launch of their very own Bitcoin banking Mobile App, enabling customers to bank Bitcoins wherever they...

Daimler’s First Blockchain Transaction With LBBW Was Performed On Marco Polo...

Blockchain Technology has once again proven its practicality in the business and financial world by successfully making a pilot finance trade deal with two...

American Finance Company SoFi To Release Crypto Trading Platform With Three...

SoFi, Or Social Finance, Inc., will release its very own crypto trading platform, catering the three most important cryptocurrencies for its users to trade.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Superior Than Cash

So, what makes bitcoin more superior than the cash on your wallet or purse? We listed here, in this video, the major reasons why.

Crypto Firms Serving Netherlands To Be Regulated By Dutch Central Bank

Netherlands now impose strict laws regarding businesses that utilizes cryptocurrency as their primary product. This will make crypto firms to follow the rules provided...

Mastercard Joins the Marco Polo Group of Companies for Global Blockchain-Powered...

Mastercard have teamed up with Marco Polo to provide a much streamlined global trade finace.

Legacy Trust Commences Its Own Crypto Pension Plan

Legacy Trust now launches its very own Crypto Pension Plan to provide digital assets to its clients.

5 Reasons Why The Cryptocurrency Market is Volatile

The most common reasons why the crypto market is so volatile, explained.

Paxful Partnered with Coinlogiq to Open 20 New Crypto ATMs to...

Paxful, in collaboration with Coinlogiq, will make it easier for Colombians to process their cryptocurrency transaction with the installation of 20 new crypto ATMs...

What Are Crypto Banks And What Sets It Apart Form The...

What are crypto banks and what role do they play in the world of cryptocurrency, as well as banking?

Mastercard Joined Forces With R3 to Establish Blockchain Cross-Border Payments Solution

Mastercard has partnered with R3 to provide their customers with a much better service, as well as addressing flaws on their current systems.

Bitcoin SV (BSV): The Coin That Follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s Original Design

The Bitcoin SV, or BSV, and how it came to be, and also a brief description regarding this coin.