Tuesday, September 25, 2018

IOTA Announces Partnership With Microsoft

IOTA recently announced that it is partnering with a host of reputed organizations like Microsoft, Bosch, Fujitsu in order to gain technological leverage. The...

XinFin Launches Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Platform

XinFin is working on a hybrid blockchain with a focus on making security more robust. According to XinFin CTO Karan Bhardwaj, the transparency of the...

Streamr Wants To Bring Reliability To IoT

Streamr is looking to address some of the current challenges faced by the Internet of Things. Specifically, they want to use the blockchain to...

IoT and Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain Will Accelerate The IOT

Blockchain has gained a lot of interest within the last years because of its transparency and immutability. This also helps a lot about the...

Cisco To Track IoT Devices Using Blockchain

With devices powering the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more and more popular, it has become necessary to protect them against hacking and...

Japan’s Telecom Giant, KDDI Corporation, Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Japanese top telecommunications company, KDDI Corporation, announced that they have joined forces with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). KDDI will now be part of the...

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