The Basics About Hard Fork And What It Does

What are Hard Forks and what it does on the production of cryptocurrencies.

The Lightning Network (LN) And What It Really Means

The Lightning Network and how it can revolutionize crypto transactions as a whole.

China and Australia to discuss Blockchain development this week

This week, Australia will play host to high-level delegates from China’s technology sector in a bid to foster blockchain development in the Asian nation. The...
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The Basics About Dapps

What are Dapps and what makes it a valuable factor in the world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies?

Minable and Non-Mineable Coins – What is the Difference?

The two main classification of cryptos based on how they can be acquired.

What is ERC-20 Token Standard

Highlights: ERC-20 provides standards for smart contracts to interact with each other on Ethereum blockchain. A standardized set of smart contract functions and events...

Neo Price Prediction 2018: Will Neo Set a Record As the...

Neo is more than a cryptocurrency. It is a smart economy that works the same way Ethereum works. Neo was developed to create a...
telegram ico

Telegram Just Launched A Personal ID tool for Sharing Personal Data

Telegram, the popular messaging app for the cryptocurrency community, has unveiled a personal identification authorization tool called Telegram Passport. The new service was introduced...
raiden network ico ethereum

Raiden: The Best (And Worst?) Thing For Ethereum

The Raiden Network promises to bring the scalability currently missing from the Ethereum blockchain, while also reducing the cost per transaction. So what is...

The Cryptocurrency Wallet: Your Digital Purse To Store Your Hard-Earned Coins

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet and why is it important for people who are into cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Starbucks will favor a Blockchain App, says Executive Chairman Howard Shultz

American Coffe chain, Starbucks will probably use a blockchain based payment app according to its Executive Chairman, Howard Shultz. Shultz revealed this on Tuesday while...
PwC develops Blockchain Analytics tool that tracks ICO tokens

PwC develops Blockchain Analytics tool that tracks ICO tokens

Accounting Giants and Financial Consultant firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) are developing a blockchain analytics tool that will track digital tokens. The company announced on...
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Power Ledger – Solar Energy Platform Has $34 Million ICO

Power Ledger, an Australian-based Blockchain company has concluded it’s much publicized Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on Friday 7th October. The company announced on its...

What is Cryptojacking and How it can be Avoided

Cryptojacking is prevalent nowadays, especially since cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Here are ways on how you can prevent it from happening to you.

Goldman Sachs Backed Circle Acquires Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex

Mobile payment app company, Circle has revealed on Monday that it has acquired Poloniex Inc, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange. With financial backing from Goldman...

Former ConsenSys Ventures Exec Joins Security Token Project Dusk Network

Kavita Gupta, former head of Consensys, has now partnered with Dusk Network to boost the company's performance.

New Spyware Imperils Telegram Users by Switching Crypto Wallet Addresses While...

A malware that is currently in circulation, dubbed Masad Stealer, terrorizes clueless users by hacking into their PC and nabbing away their crypto addresses.

Its Going Down Under as Gemini Expands Into Australia, Enabling All...

Gemini will extend its reach to Australia, enabling Aussies to utilize the Gemini app for trading crypto coins!

Australian Coder Addresses Security Vulnerabilities Of BTC’s Lightning Network

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in BTC's Lightning Network, and a fix has already been released to remedy this.

Can cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum turnaround soon?

Most of the cryptocurrencies are currently falling. Whether you take into account Bitcoin or Ethereum ripple or Litecoin, they have slumped in the recent...