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The Basics About Altcoin: Its Very Definition

The basics regarding altcoins and how they differ from their precursor, the popular crypto Bitcoin.

American Finance Company SoFi To Release Crypto Trading Platform With Three...

SoFi, Or Social Finance, Inc., will release its very own crypto trading platform, catering the three most important cryptocurrencies for its users to trade.

$100K Crypto Donation to Amazon Rainforest Fire Charity Rejected By BitPay

It is a bit sad to think that a significant donation for the current Amazon rainforest fire that leaves the land ravaged was rejected...

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Meme Who Turned Into A Crypto

The renowned Meme crypto dogecoin and the why it is a significant crypto above all else.

Binance Launches Crypto Lending This Month, Offers Interest-Earning Opportunities

Binance will open its very first crypto lending service this month, as well as stating their rates and denominations. It will also feature what...

The Cryptocurrency Wallet: Your Digital Purse To Store Your Hard-Earned Coins

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet and why is it important for people who are into cryptocurrency mining and trading.

Binance Plans to Launch A Platform For Devs Targeting to Enhance...

Binance is planning to make crypto more acceptable to the public just like fiat currencies. With this, they plan to create a platform, Binance...

5 Reasons Why The Cryptocurrency Market is Volatile

The most common reasons why the crypto market is so volatile, explained.

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Everybody in the crypto world knows what bitcoin is. In fact, it is the most sought after cryptocurrency among all else. Desipite Bitcoin's popularity,...

Nuclear Scientist In Russia Caught Illegally Mining Bitcoins At Work

Being qualified to work in one of the most advanced facilities in the world sure involves a lot of responsibility, as well as perks...

What Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) And What Sets It Apart From...

The basics about Bitcoin Cash, current pricing, and hot it differentiates itself from Bitcoin.

Binance Reports China Aims to Supplant Cash with Two-Tiered Digital Currency

China is speculated to go full-on crypto as Binance have surmised. This report is still unclear and further details will be provided in the...

Germany’s Bitwala Introduces Mobile App for Bitcoin Banking

Bitwala, a German blockchain banking service, announced the launch of their very own Bitcoin banking Mobile App, enabling customers to bank Bitcoins wherever they...
Tezos's Tez XTZvideo

Tezos’ Tez (XTZ): The Most Advanced Blockchain And Coin Right Now

The Basics about Tezos' Tez and what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies in circulation.

Gig Economy on Blockchain: Interview with Jeff Tennery, Founder and CEO...

Jeff Tennery is an executive with the mobile business industry with more than thirty years’ experience. He is presently the CEO and Founder of...

Dash (DASH): The Basics

What is dash and what makes it stand out among other cryptocurrencies in circulation?

The Mining Rig: Your “Pick and Shovel” In Mining Bitcoins

So, what are mining rigs and what are the types of rigs out there?

How to Acquire Bitcoin Without Doing the Whole Mining Stuff?

Frankly, mining is not the only method to do to acquire Bitcoins, and in this vid, we will tell you some of the ways...

ASX And Digital Asset Builds New Ledger Technology Blockchain Platform With...

A new system to be installed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to upgrade its existing system. So how far are they in the...