Ethereum dApp Platform May Be Wiped Out As Developers Choose Alternatives And ETH Price Stalls

Ethereum is the foremost decentralised computer in the world. It is the first blockchain to have smart contract compatibility and dApp hosting options. However, as is it with any other technology, competing platforms emerged and started threatening the existence of Ethereum and the Ethereum price prediction 2019. Ethereum developers know that the Ethereum network is flawed with scalability issues. So, this is why the Ethereum development roadmap contains updates and upgrades that all lead Ethereum to its final destination. The Constantinople Ethereum upgrade, the ProgPow upgrade, Ethereum Sharding and many others have been put in place to ensure scalability on the Ethereum blockchain. However, recent reports from CCN show that the Ethereum price prediction 2019 is being affected as the Ethereum blockchain loses developers to competitors.

Ehereum Price Prediction 2019 – Ethereum Sharding Is Need Now More Than Ever

Ether (ETH) is the often referred to as the crypto fuel of the Ethereum ecosystem. This is why the level of activity on the Ethereum blockchain typically influences the price of the ETH. The more developers are on the platform, the higher the demand of ETH and the higher the demand, the higher the price. Keep in mind that the activities on the Ethereum dApp platform aren’t the only thing that influences the price of Ethereum. Other factors including the price of Bitcoin influence the price of Ethereum.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Ethereum Sharding is supposed to make the network more scalable to meet up with the ever growing dApp community. However, Ethereum 2.0 Serenity, the final version of Ethereum, will not be ready this year. Developers have started moving to alternative platforms and this is now affecting the price of Ethereum. Bitcoin’s relative stability over the past few days hasn’t helped either. The price of Ethereum was predicted to hit $200 last week but it hasn’t been able to move passed the $180 level yet.

Per a report on, Ethereum lost a lot of developers to competing platforms during the first half of 2019. This lack of loyalty is delaying the long awaited Ethereum bull run. You’ll recall that our previous Ethereum price prediction 2019 placed the price of Ethereum at $2000 before the end of the year. However, this may be difficult to achieve if Ethereum dApp developers keep migrating to competing platforms like Tron and EOS. The only way developers will keep staying is if the Ethereum Sharding is implemented as soon as possible.

Ethereum dApps News – Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 – Without Ethereum Sharding, Will Ethereum Lose Its Position To EOS And Tron

At the time of writing, the price of Ethereum (ETH) was trading at $180.27. This shows that it is up by 1.47% against the USD and up by 0.29% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $7,346,122,800 and the market capitalization is $19,036,361,751. Per market capitalization and price, Ethereum is still way ahead of EOS and Tron. However, the number of active dApps on Ethereum need to increase significantly if it is to maintain its position as the foremost decentralized computer.

The report showed that up to 50% of the total dApps built in Q1 were built on the Ethereum blockchain. This shows that most developers still prefer Ethereum. However, the report showed that game developers prefer other platforms like EOS and Tron to Ethereum. The gaming dApps on the Ethereum blockchain reduced by about 4% this year. Less than 7% of the gaming dApps that were built on Ethereum last year are still on Ethereum.

What do you think about the Ethereum news today? Will platforms like EOS and Tron over take Ethereum? If they do, will the price of Ethereum fall lower against the USD? Share your thoughts about the Ethereum price prediction 2019 below.

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