Ripple XRP News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, December 25th, 2019

  • Brad Garlinghouse to speak at 55th Global Forum
  • XRP continues to decline while Ripple’s worth stands at $10B
  • Ripple XRP – worst performer of 2019

Ripple’s XRP could be in the spotlight once again during Brad Garlinghouse’s speech during the 55th Global Forum event. The CEO of Tipple, Brad Garlinghouse, will be one of the key speakers during the 55th Global Forum, which will take place in Singapore on the 13-14 of March.

The event is organized by the Wharton School, the business school of the University of Pennsylvania that was established with the aid of American industrialist Joseph Wharton. Global Forum assembles a group of business leaders, academics, government officials who share their opinions on different business spheres. So far, the event has been held in 31 countries.

Particularly, Garlinghouse will be the only representative of the cryptocurrency industry who will join the conversation. The list of speakers to be present at the event includes the representatives of JPMorgan, MasterCard as well as central bankers.

Garlinghouse might take this opportunity to promote the adoption of the XRP cryptocurrency and speak on the development of the broider cryptocurrency industry. Garlinghouse recently forecasted that the world’s biggest banks would adopt cryptocurrency the following year but a lot of coins would also cease to exist.

XRP Continues to Decline While Ripple’s Worth Stands at $10B

Due to the new $200M investment round, Ripple is now valued at $10B. Although, the price of the token keeps decreasing and persists among the worst performer of 2019. Ripple has had several good news this year, the same cannot be said of its native token. Ripple is now among the most valuable private enterprise in all of Silicon Valley. The new valuation caused CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan to do a double-take, he stated: “That can’t be billion. It’s got to be million! What is this?”

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Several other analysts have been baffled as to how the $10B valuation came to be. One user claims that the Ripple team can justify its valuation by simply having a huge war chest via mass-selling of XRP on the market. Monthly, the team unlocks 1 billion XRP. That is hundreds of millions of dollars in XRP released monthly. It is still ambiguous where this XRP goes to, other than explanations of “on-demand liquidity (ODL).”

Ripple XRP – Worst Performer of 2019

Ripple’s native token XRP, has been declining steadily and is currently at -95% from its all-time high. The coin is currently trading at $0.191, the asset has been among the worst performers of 2019 in the crypto sphere. At the beginning of the year, the coin was trading at $0.359, currently, it is trading on the market for $0.191 and will be ending the year with enormous losses.


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