Cardano News Today – Cardano ADA Loses Bullish Push After Days 

  • Cardano ADA’s price has slackened by 7.27% during the past 24 hours 
  • The price of Cardano may fall to the $0.057715 support area
  • The Cardano ADA price has no support from the short-term daily MA’s 

Cardano news Today – The price of ADA has been less impressive in the last 24 hours. This is after the market situation changed from bullish to bearish. The overall grim state of the digital asset market appears to have impacted the price movement of Cardano. In the past 24 hours pf trade, the digital currency has lost some ground. The price of Cardano has lost around 7.27%. Its value has slipped from the $0.064111 area to the $0.059445 position which was its price at press time. There is no imminent recovery movement going by the current trend. Let’s see how this issue with ADA happened.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Cardano Price Prediction: ADA Opened Trade Today at $0.064111

The ADA coin opened trading for the day at the $0.064111 area. During the initial three hours plus, the price of ADA posted a 4.52% increase which took its price to $0.067006 which has now become the highest point for today since trade began. From this high price position, the price of Cardano started to trade downwards. It eventually fell to the $0.05669 area at 16:53 UTC. In the last 13 hours and 22 minutes before it completed 24 hours, ADA faced a steep fall which made it lose 15.39% in value before it moved down to the $0.056691 area. After ADA registered this steep movement, its next action was followed by a brief price recovery which added 11.02% to the coin’s value. The price position that the coin reached was at $0.062937. In the next two hours, the price of Cardano coin dropped by 5.29% falling to the $0.059621 area.

The Price of Cardano ADA is Trading at $0.059445 as of Press Time

Cardano News Today – The price of ADA at press time stands at $0.059445. This price point was the end product of a drop of 7.72% for the coin in the last 24 hours. The price of Cardano is now lagging behind its 50-day moving average at $0.060386 and its 20-day moving average of $0.060029 (indicating a 1.55% and 0.97% drop in value respectively). In the coming days, it appears ADA may still struggle as experts don’t see any good prospects for the coin. As per the ADA technical indicators, the coin’s price is set to cross the support position of $0.057715 in the coming hours. After which it will start trading further below. Investors should not expect any huge price recovery for ADA in the short-term.

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