Tron News Today – Headlines for September 14

  • Users can now withdraw the TRX they staked in Sun genesis mining on September 16
  • All users who staked their TRX will receive rewards in the SUN token
  • Users will earn mining benefits by the second after SUN official mining begins

Tron News Today – recall that on September 12, there was an AMA in Sun Group. Tron’s chief Justin Sun lectured the users about the exploration of the Sun Genesis Mining. Sun also spoke about the Sun token. He gave reasons why they launched the token. Sun also shared his opinion about the current trends of the crypto space. He spoke about DeFi on Tron’s ecosystem. He also spoke about how the TRX token has been staked. He talked about how it was locked in the pool for mining. Sun Genesis mining will last two weeks. It will conclude on September 16. After that users will be able to take the TRX they staked and get SUN token rewards.

Users Will Earn Mining Benefits by the Second After SUN Official Mining Begins

By 21:00, on September 16, 2020, TRX users will have a chance to withdraw SUN tokens that have been mined along with the corresponding amount of stake. SUN official mining will kick after this and users will have the chance to earn mining benefits by the second. The network’s users will also be able to switch from Genesis mining directly to SUN official mining.

On September 16, 2020, users will be initiating their regular mining. During that time, users will have the opportunity able to stake several tokens other than Tron’s TRX. They’ll be able to use TRX, BTT, USDT, JST, Steem, and some others. According to the Cryptocurrency expert Sydney Ifergan:

I believe it is essential to note the formula – the sum/percentage of SUN that each user is assigned to equals (Sum of TRX staked by each user* Lockup duration) / (∑Sum of TRX staked * Lockup duration).”

Tron Has Been Busy Recently

One excited Tron community member listed everything related to the recent activities of the Tron Foundation said:

I’ll try to stay up to date. Don’t forget the Trx DeFi (JST, JustSwap, Pearl)! DLive, TronTV, Samsung Keystore Wallet, BitTorrent, Steem, Bidao, Poloniex, Opera, USDT-TRC20, Sun Network, BAND Protocol, JUST DEFI, JustSwap, Pearl Defi, BitGo, Unikrn, MeconCash, TronZ Privacy, and 13,000 ATMs in South Korea. Number 2 ranked token in China Crypto. Number 3 largest Blockchain with the most active addresses after ETH and BTC. Number one dApp provider in crypto, high scalability, low cost, high throughput, speed, and Sun’s humor twitter personality. Very likely the most aggressive cryptocurrency working for adoption and the most undervalued offering. Tron 4.0 already went live in July”.

The TRX token has never missed any milestones and is always ahead of schedule.

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