Bitfinex Launches Ethfinex To Make The Trading Process Of Ethereum Tokens Seamless

Ethereum Frozen

Bitfinex – one of the most popular digital currency trading platforms in the world – recently announced the launch of a hybrid Ethereum-based exchange. This will enable users to trade more than fifty-seven Ethereum-based tokens on-chain as reported by

Trustless Trading Experience

At the press time, Bitfinex is holding the number 5th spot on the list of top digital currency trading platforms, handling more than $317 million over the past twenty-four hours, according to data from After being in beta phase for more than twelve months, Ethfinex – the Ethereum-based, hybrid portal of the trading platform – Bitfinex has now announced its official launch.

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Ethfinex is an on-chain platform that allows for the trading of more than fifty-seven tokens based on the Ethereum network without depending on a centralized middleman or intermediary. “Introducing Ethfinex Trustless – a trading solution based on Ethereum placing privacy, control, and security in the hands of users,” Ethfinex announced.

Speaking on this regard, the Director of Operations at Ethfinex – Will Harborne, said: “Today represents the conclusion of a lengthy phase of hard work and dedication pioneered by their vision for a community-governed, decentralized trading platform. He said they are beyond excited to leverage Ethereum to deliver a trustless, sophisticated trading experience to users all over the world and to extend the boundaries of decentralized trading platforms further.”

Ethfinex Solves A Series Of Concerns

Ethfinex enables trading via solutions such as Trezor, MetaMask, Keystore, and many others. It is an on-chain platform that eliminates the worries associated with centralized trading platforms. Back in July, the creator of Ethereum (ETH) – Vitalik Buterin criticized centralized digital currency trading platforms widely, adding that he hopes that they go and burn as much as possible in hell.

According to Harborne, the new on-chain trading platform – Ethfinex – which is introduced by Bitfinex is aimed at tackling the said concerns, and to make the trading of Ethereum-based tokens more seamless and trustless for users.

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