Bitcoin As A Tool For Peaceful Revolution? Ushering In A New Age

During an interview with Max Keiser, Jimmy Song, the well-known Bitcoin programming instructor, said that Bitcoin can be used as a tool for a peaceful revolution thanks to its decentralised nature. In his words:

“The best part of Bitcoin is that it decentralizes monetary power. Big corporations and governments work together to get what they want often at the expense of the people but Bitcoin is the currency of resistance.”

Bitcoin: The Currency Of Resistance

Traditionally, the governments and big corporations have an edge over the individual. However, thanks to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin can elevate individuals and place them above the government. What does this mean? Bitcoin can unify global movements if it is used as currency. Many of these global movements aimed at giving power to the people can become more efficient if Bitcoin is used.

Song cited the Yellow Vests in Paris. According to him, this group can use cryptocurrency to topple corruption within legacy banks, big governments and big businesses. In Song’s words:
“Many people don’t realize this but monetary power is very influential globally. Those who control the wealth run the world. So, take away their power and you’ll be above them”.

If the Yellow Vests are serious about wanting change, they need to start using a decentralized financial system that will take the power away from banks and governments. Song’s said that rather than going after the people in charge, these movements should reclaim power by decentralizing money. Bitcoin, can give them this power.

Rather than risking their lives by protesting on the streets, Song encouraged the Yellow Vests to work behind the scenes and free themselves and others from the tight shackles of big banks and big governments. This would bring about a new age peacefully. Some of these protesters are starting to understand the importance of decentralised money. Not long ago, one of them was seen wearing a jacket with the inscription ‘buy a Bitcoin’. Also, on social media, protesters have been creating awareness about Bitcoin and how it can earn them freedom.

Stop The Cryptocurrency Price Obsession

During the interview, Song said that community members need to stop being obsessed with the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. It’s true that the bearish wave in the market has lasted for long but Song believes that worrying about price volatility isn’t beneficial especially for developers like him. In his words:

“BTC is a Cypherpunk ideal if you ask me. So, worrying about the price stats isn’t necessary. Those who are still developing it have faith in its long-term survival. We are in it for the long haul.”

According to Song, developers are more productive in bear markets. If the bulls take control of the market suddenly, some developers may become distracted by the price hike. Right now, they are more focused on building on the technology than on selling BTCs. The focus should be on the development of valuable goods and services that will solve real-time problems.

Do you think Bitcoin can serve as a tool for a peaceful revolution? Are decentralized systems truly going to give power to the people? Share your thoughts with us.

Max writes about blockchain projects and regulation with a special focus on United States and China. He joined Smarterum after years of writing for various media outlets.


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