Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price To Surge as Brave Browser Plans Fundraising Campaign to Expand and Grow the Firm

The Brave web browser is increasingly becoming more popular and its adoption is also on the rise. The browser is now the major rivalry of Google Chrome. They are both fighting for the second position on the list most downloaded mobile browser. The number one spot is occupied by Mozilla Firefox. As the firm is expanding and growing, so is Basic Attention Token. Basic Attention Token is the digital currency used in the browser to incentivize users for watching video ads. This development has significantly boosted the price of Basic Attention Token. The adoption of the digital currency has also increased. The bullish Basic Attention Token news today and Basic Attention Token price prediction has dragged many digital asset investors to the coin

Brave Is Looking to Expand Further with Fundraising of About $30M to $50M – How Will the Price of Basic Attention Token Respond to this Expansion

Brave could be trying to amass a significant amount of money very soon. Back in 2017, the firm was able to raise $35 million in less than sixty seconds. However, the firm plans to keep going and expanding with more funding. The digital currency market seems to be on its feet once again, after the crypto winter late last year. The crypto winter saw the prices of many digital currencies plunged deeply and lost a significant fraction of their values.

The market seems to be growing and expanding at the moment, with Bitcoin (BTC) trading over the $8k level. In a movement like this, any crypto project that doesn’t move with the train with definitely be left behind. No crypto project wants to be left behind, that is why Brave is looking to expand and grow. To achieve, this firm might launch a fundraising session and grow the company.

Brave Browser is a privacy-oriented web browser. According to some reliable sources, the firm is raising a Series A equity round. The source disclosed this information with CoinDesk. The source said that Brave is trying to put together between $30M and $50M at a valuation of about $133M. Brave was founded by Brendan Eich – who is also JavaScript creator.

Brave Recently Launched Brave Ads Product to Attract More Users to the Platform – This Has Helped to Boost the Price of Basic Attention Token

Brave recently launched the Brave Ads products that incentivize users surfing the web on the browser with Basic Attention Tokens. However, users have the option to opt out of the product and still use the browser without being invaded with ads. The firm was able to amass $4.5M seed round from companies such as Digital Currency Group, Pantera Capital, and Founders Fund.

The amount of fund gathered by the firm seems not to be enough for them to keep the firm and offering better services to users. This is the reason why they might soon embark on a fundraising campaign to raise more fund to expand and grow their service. As Brave continues to grow, so would the adoption of Basic Attention Token as well as the price of the digital currency.

Basic Attention Token Price Today – BAT USD Live Price

At the time of writing, the price of Basic Attention Token is 35 cents after a decrease of about 11 percent over the past day. The current market cap of the digital currency is $442.32 million. The trading volume of the digital currency over the past day is $67.24 million.

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