Big Data Leakage Increases the Need for Blockchain Privacy Protection

Origo and Nucypher, which have gradually gained a lot of attention in the crypto space because of privacy protection, hosted a meetup in NYC on the 13th of May. About 150 people engaged in technology and investment were present.

Turmoil from the Facebook leak hasn’t yet subsided, and Twitter recently announced that it has found a loophole to save and leak user passwords. People now live in a world with omnipresent surveillance. With digital data is growing at rapid pace, security has become an issue. Current blockchains’ unprecedented transparency has made all transaction details for coins like Bitcoin and smart contract details for coins like Ethereum totally public and vulnerable to the whole network, resulting in potential data/info and financial losses and limiting real world use cases.

Origo and Nucypher are making effort to explore technical solutions in order protect privacy, our rights to privacy, and the protect future of privacy.

By focusing on key management system (KMS), NuCypher enables the sharing of private data and delegating decryption rights through proxy re-encryption. NuCypher’s KMS offers a privacy layer to the distributed systems and decentralized applications. Through its proxy re-encryption and access control services, NuCypher KMS allows DAPP developers to store, share, manage, and secure their data on the blockchain.

Origo, the world’s first community devoted to protecting the privacy of smart contracts is developing a public blockchain, through complete privacy preserving technology for smart contracts backed by a Double Advance Zero Knowledge Proof System. Origo Privacy Preserving Smart Contract Network provides a solution to execute smart contracts Privately, Securely and Correctly, which guarantees the contract input, details of contract execution, contract output and transaction to be private.

“This is two very cool and excellent teams,” said an excited engineer from Silicon Valley. “I think protecting privacy is our dream. Even I want to join them now.”

Nucypher is backed by Y Combinator (S16), Polychain Capital, and many other leading investors and Origo has also received funding from well-known investment institutions in blockchain such as FBG Capital.


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