The Future Value of Cardano: Can The Price of Cardano (ADA) Reach $10 (ADA Price Forecast 2018) – Fri Jun

Cardano has become one of the most talked about digital currencies in the crypto space, and as time goes on, more people are beginning to see its potentials. With awareness comes speculations, and some of the discussions around the digital currency have been orbiting around its value and its possible growth in the future.

It seems that one of the trending discussions right now is that the digital currency has the potential to surge as high as 10 USD in the next five year. Is this actually possible?

Cardano Price Today: Current Price of ADA


Cardano (ADA) is an open-source, distributed ledger technology. Just like other digital currencies, Cardano provides its users with smart contracts, as well as the ability to develop decentralized applications and carry out various transactions.

Cardano (ADA) is currently the 8th most valuable digital currency based on market cap, with a market cap of $4.36 billion. The digital currency is presently trading at $0.1615 with a trading volume of $130 million in the last twenty-four hours.

The Future Price of Cardano (ADA)

One of the first things that should be established is that the value of Cardano (ADA) is more stable than a lot of digital currencies in the market. Of course, its value has been going up and down together with other digital currencies in the market. Nevertheless, the fluctuations of the coin were much tamer than what most other digital currencies encountered.

Furthermore, Cardano isn’t a digital currency that’ll make an instant high gain. Rather, it’s a coin that gradually makes a gain over an extended period of time. This makes it a preferred choice for the future.

Another thing to consider is that the coin is still young, and it’s still in its development phase. With that in mind, it is easy to see that the coin has achieved so much in such a little time, and it could do better in a couple of years from now. So a value of $10 in the next couple of years is actually a possibility.

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