Jimmy Song Says Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Has No reason to Exist, As He Talks about the Current Situation of the Crypto Market

bitcoin cash

Recently, Jimmy Song – a Bitcoin (BTC) developer – talked about the current state of things in the digital currency space. He also touched areas such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the rivalries in the digital currency industry. Jimmy Song had this discussion during an interview with Crypto Insider.

Song Says Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Has Lost Its Value

During the interview, Jimmy Song said that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) does not have any reason to exist. He said the digital currency no longer has value to anyone, with a reference to an article he wrote titled “Bitcoin Cash BCH is fiat money.”

The Bitcoin (BTC) developer was confident in saying that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holds no value to anyone. He added that it would be very difficult to find anyone that would vouch for the digital currency. However, this is not the first time the Bitcoin developer is going bearish on the digital currency. A couple of weeks ago, Song said his unforgettable moment was during a debate in the just concluded Blockchain Cruise.

During the debate, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community claimed that BCH is the real Bitcoin. However, Song was able to disprove all their claims. At the same time, he attacked the CEO of Bitcoin.com – Roger Ver.

Jimmy Song Attacks Roger Ver in a Recent Interview

In a recent interview, the Bitcoin developer said “Roger Ver does not care about helping the world. Neither does he care about engaging at the level of idea. He is more focused on power, which is pretty disappointing. Ver has done a couple of good things for Bitcoin (BTC) and I applaud him for that. But seeing him like this is so sad, so obvious, and so blatant. It was very disappointing, let us just put it that way.”

Jimmy Song Also Attacks Ethereum (ETH)

The developer later channeled his discussion to Ethereum (ETH). Song said the platform of Ethereum is a home for frauds and scams. He also said that the features on the Ethereum platform are stupid, specifically the addition of Turing completeness to the Ethereum network.

Bitcoin Coin Cash Developer Community Streamlines Bitcoin Innovation in San Francisco

Permissionless Ventures hosted the first BCH-focused developer hackathon in San Francisco. 15 teams from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer community gathered to the city. The event saw developers from across the globe create new projects using the protocol of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The participants were assisted by technical advisors stemming from projects of BCH such as Coinbase, Bitcoin ABC, Money Button, and Bitbox.

The three-day event which held in San Francisco was huge, and it was attended by many. Bitcoin.com representatives that attended the event said it was a huge success as a lot of software programmers submitted fascinating concepts during the event.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) just broke the $450 resistance level in less than one hour. The value of the coin is up by four percent over the past 24 hours, leaving the coin to trade at $467. The current market cap of the coin is $8.13 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $453.33 million.

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