Investing in ICOs During Cryptocurrency market downturn: Should You Do It?

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Before putting money into a new cryptocurrency ICO, you must understand all its strengths. This implies that you aren’t investing with hope of benefitting for the short term. You want long-term growth after the coin is launched in the market. Cryptocurrency market downturn should not be your main concern when you invest in ICOs. Always approach ICOs like the venture capitalists consider startups.

Also, the crypto market, just like all other financial markets, fluctuates all the time. So, whenever it goes down, investors can be certain that it will go back up after some time. This is why the movement of the market shouldn’t be considered when planning to invest in a new cryptocurrency ICO. Your main concern should be the ICO’s quality. If it is a top-notch project, it has a greater chance of rising in value.

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Improved Anti-Scam Protection?

On the other hand, during a Cryptocurrency market downturn, it is easier to tell a scam from a good quality ICO. As you know, during the Bull Run, especially when the market shows promise and everything continues to rise, many low-quality ICOs are advertised and hyped. During this time, it is risky to invest because you could lose your money.

Also, investing in a crypto fall is sensible because they have a lower price value. During the downturn, for every dollar spent, investors get more ETH. This means that it is possible to purchase more tokens for a smaller sum. However, during a bull-run, investing in ICOs is different. This approach won’t work for this scenario.

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During bull-runs, ETH is quite expensive. For every dollar you hold, you will get a particular number of ETH. This also means that you will have a reduced number of tokens in the Initial coin offering you’re planning to invest in.


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