Charles Hoskinson Envisions Cardano (ADA) Becoming The First Digital Currency To Reach A Trillion Dollars

The Cardano community has continued to maintain its ability to attract users.  This has helped to increase the popularity of the cryptocurrency in the digital token sector. The third generation Blockchain network has sustained its huge followership with many fans excited about the development of the token because every endeavor unlocked by the Cardano (ADA) team is lauded by the community.

What Charles Hoskinson Thinks About the Future Of Cardano (ADA)

Recently, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, spoke about his vision regarding what Cardano (ADA) might be soon. In a session with Blockchain startup incubator, EMURGO, Hoskinson discussed on what his hope for Cardano (ADA) in which he says is the global adoption of the token. As at press time Cardano (ADA) has recorded a circulating supply of an impressive 4.5 Bn USD. Hoskinson’s dream may seem far-reaching when you look at this figure. But it is important to indicate that the digital token hasn’t consolidated its mainnet yet. It is still what is called a work in progress.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


The fact that Cardano (ADA) is one of the top 10 virtual currencies by market capitalization means it is an important crypto and is an indication that the public are truly committed to and have confidence in the Cardano (ADA) project. Currently, in the list of the Top 10 virtual currencies by market cap, it is only Cardano (ADA) and IOTA that don’t have a fully developed Blockchain system (not including USDT which has a unique nature from the remaining tokens in the Top ten).

Adoption Over Profit Will Allow Cardano (ADA) Become Trillion Dollars Cardano Cryptocurrency

According to Hoskinson, profit doesn’t primarily motivate his vision for Cardano (ADA). Cardano (ADA) becoming a highly valued token, will mean that the Cardano (ADA) project has achieved a reasonable level of global adoption and is seen as more than a token for a small selection of users.


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