OmiseGO Founder Jun Hasegawa Predicts The Future Of Ethereum Network

The CEO and founder of OmiseGO, the billion dollar Ethereum-based blockchain platform, Jun Hasegawa, recently outlined his vision for Ethereum in the next two years. According to him, by 2020, Ethereum would be massively adopted along with all the projects that were launched on the Ethereum network. He also said that Ethereum would have solved scaling issues by 2020. So the question is: will his vision will become a reality?

What Will The Future Hold For The Ethereum Network?

The cryptocurrency market has always been highly speculative so there is no saying what the next few years will bring. The rapid price surge that took the industry by surprise toward the end of 2017 and was followed by a sharp correction in 2018 is evidence of this. Ether went from $10 to $1,500 during a 12 month period. While the volatility of the market might appear like a good thing, it can also pull the price back as quickly as it pulls it up.

OmiseGO (OMG) Price Today – OMG / USD

OMG Network

The rise in price was followed by a price correction which cost the leading cryptocurrencies up to 80-90% of their gains. Well, Hasegawa believes that this price correction hasn’t come to an end. He said that it has given developers a chance to build on the Ethereum blockchain and provide sustainable scaling solutions.

Hasegawa said that the year 2018 has been a year for building and Ethereum has made progress in improving its technology with projects like Casper, Sharding, interchain protocols and Plasma. These are all crucial to the millions of transactions being carried out world wide.

He also said that the next two years will be fruitful for Ethereum with more large-scale DApps and increased business adoption on the way. Massive adoption by governments globally and exceptional scaling will mark the birth of a new age.

The last 12 months have revealed a pattern play out of Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency industry. The year has been filled with development and building but next year will be marked with adoption.


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